Juvenile Law

Do What's Best for the Child

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When it comes to minors, there are two areas of law - dependency and delinquency. The Prashad Law Firm, LLC works on cases involving the dependency area. Our juvenile attorney in Wetumpka, AL will always keep the best interests of a child in mind.

When a child is deemed dependent by the state and is in the care of the state of Alabama, a juvenile attorney will provide proper representation. Many cases end in determining the future for that child or if child support is necessary.

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We'll be there when the dependency process starts

There are times that parental support is required in coordination with the child or children. A juvenile law attorney will help when the dependency process begins. This typically happens when:

  • Someone reports suspected child abuse or neglect
  • A minor has no support as a result of parental incarceration
  • A parent is unwilling to provide proper care


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